List of programs

Rehearsal in front of Museum of Yugoslavia

The Rehearsal is an interactive monumental sculpture which functions as a synchronized swimming choreography generator. It is a motion monument with constantly changing shape and rhythm. It relays on human interaction with the machine, but even more between each other in creating the choreography.

It consists of three pairs of pneumatically operated mechanical legs orchestrated by three persons from the control desk. Each person is given nine preset synchronized swimming figures to choose from, and incorporate them into choreography by pressing the buttons.

Person-participant becomes responsible for their own pair of legs, which act as their body extension and display their own sense of timing and rhythm. The choreographies are therefore always different and can vary from chaotic unsynchronized motion to harmonious and synchronous water ballet. The rehearsal is an attempt to bring people which are strangers to play together, creating choreographies, while rehearsing communication, collectivism, shared responsibility but also the ownership of the piece.

  • Day: 25.08-05.09.2018
  • Time: 19:00

The Origins: The Background for Understanding the Museum of Yugoslavia

Creation of a European type of museum was affected by a number of practices and concepts of collecting, storing and usage of items.

New Mappings of Europe

Laboratory of the Museum of Yugoslavia

Second stage of the work on the permanent display

The Continued Renewal and Summer Scheme