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BIKECULTURE: (Un)realized and (Un)planned (New) Belgrade

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the official start of the building of New Belgrade, within the program Bikeculture the Museum of Yugoslavia organizes various bicycle tours across New Belgrade. The idea of the program is to draw attention to the heritage of this part of the city and to reexamine its symbolic, architectural and historical values.

The first tour – (Un)realized and (Un)planned (New) Belgrade – will be realized within the European Heritage Day on Saturday, October 6th, starting at 12:00 in front of the Hotel Jugoslavija. During the ride, visitors will have the opportunity to hear interesting stories about what was the modernist vision of this part of the city, which ideas were realized and which were abandoned and why they were never realized; what did the transformation of the wetland into an urban settlement look like – the merging of Zemun and New Belgrade, the relocation of the industrial zone in Lower Zemun (the Rogožarski and Ikarus aircraft factories) and the covering of New Belgrade from the perimeter to the center; why the first blocks were laboratories of housing, and how new urban ideas changed the habits of the New Belgrade residents. The ride will finish in Ušće Park where we will talk about its transformation from the space of contemplation into the space of recreation and consumption.

Visitors will be guided by Jelica Jovanović, PhD of the Technical University in Vienna, Department of Art History, Archeology and Restoration, one of the founders of the NGO Architecture Group in Belgrade and Dokomomo Serbia and Milan Popadić, associate professor at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

Route: Hotel Jugoslavija – old railway station – block 9a (Retenzija, Ikarus) – Blocks 1 and 2 (MZ Fontana) – Municipality of Novi Beograd – Energoprojekt – Block 30 – Block 26 – Block 21 – Park Ušće

Tours are free, and participants can arrive on their own bikes or rent them on the spot for 550 RSD.

The application is required. You can download the form here.


Miloš Bogdanović, +381 64 17 94 160,  [email protected]

Bikeculture Program for 2018:

October 6: (Un)realized and (Un)planned (New) Belgrade / Jelica Jovanović and Milan Popadić

October 13: On the Trail of the Non-Aligned in New Belgrade – Cycling through the Blocks / Jovana Nedeljković

October 14: Protests ’68 / Momo Cvijović and Tatomir Toroman

Bikeculture represents a combined action of protecting heritage and the environment. It is a research and animation project of the Museum of Yugoslavia, which reexamines the heritage of New Belgrade, deals with the promotion of the museum fund, and with attracting and developing a new audience. New Belgrade is a paradigm of the Yugoslav state and society, so the project, although conceived outside the museum complex, is thematically and conceptually closely related both to the fund, as well as to the research focus, mission and goals of the Museum.

In the past years, Bikeculture has sparked a great deal of attention of the professional public, since it has introduced a new interpretation medium into the museum practice of Serbia, thus opening the way to a different, more informal approach to the presentation and interpretation of heritage. Bikeculture proposes new models of animation and community involvement in the process of understanding and protecting the heritage and enables dialogue and exchange of views on the Yugoslav legacy, which is often labeled as dissonant.

  • Day: 06.10-06.10.2018
  • Time: 12:00
  • Capacity: 30

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