List of workshops

Around the World

Part of the exhibition: Museum Laboratory

Target group: students from the first to the fourth grade, accompanied by a teacher

Workshop duration: 45 minutes

The exhibition The Storeroom Opens is simply made for the children’s play because it shows the cross-section of the fund of the Museum of Yugoslavia, which consists mainly of gifts that J. B. Tito received. As the gifts are extremely diverse in form, as well as the countries of origin and the periods of time they belong, going through this exhibition for the youngest visitors is conceived as a journey around the world.

The exhibition space resembles a train consisting of five rooms and four spaces, designed as a simulation of the journey around the world. At the beginning of the workshop, the children board the train and get a map that they will use to move through the Museum by solving puzzles and playing. The traces have been drawn on the map by which the workshop participants find objects in the exhibition hall and thus get more familiar with the museum collection, as well as learn about distant lands, customs and cultures. Each exhibition hall has its own map and resolving all traces in one hall provides the map for the next hall where the journey continues.

The last segment of the visit to the Museum presents a creative workshop in which participants have the opportunity to draw a map of their trip, which will be illustrated by some of the museum objects or their ideal journey. Participants will be able to paste stickers to each of their maps and to take it as a souvenir from the Museum.

Method of work of each segment of the workshop encourages interaction and active participation of all members who are encouraged to contribute to the storytelling on various subjects. Workshops may be scheduled in the desired term at [email protected].