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Talks on Yugoslavia: Socialist Disco – Dance behind a Yugoslav Velvet Curtain 1977-1987

In KC Grad, on Thursday, November 8, at 7 p. m. a promotion will be held of LP, music compilation and the project Socialist Disco – Dance behind a Yugoslav Velvet Curtain 1977–1987. Vinyl edition of the compilation was created as an extension of the research on disco music and dance culture in Yugoslavia, which started in Zagreb, 2015, with a series of exhibitions Other Side of the Saturday Night Fever, and was published by the record house Fox & His Friends.

In the debate on disco music and dance culture in Yugoslavia will participate:

  • Leri Ahel and Željko Luketić, owners and editors at the record house Fox & His Friends;
  • Stanko Crnobrnja, a television and film director, media and communications theorist, professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications, who has authored a series of shows and video works for the Television of Serbia, as well as the show Beograd noću (1981), a key work of disco culture in Yugoslavia;
  • Kornelije Kovač, a composer and musician, author of numerous Yugoslav hits, who will speak about his work on the big disco projects, as well as about his cooperation with the stars, like composer Hans Zimmer and many others.

The moderator of the interview will be Tatomir Toroman, an ethnologist, curator of the Museum of Yugoslavia.

After the debate, members of an attractive performance group Efemerne konfesije will make a stage performance with melodies from the Socialist Disco LP.

There are 18 tracks on the compilation Socialist Disco – Dance behind a Yugoslav Velvet Curtain 1977-1987, which in the best manner illustrate what was considered as disco in Yugoslavia: established stars like Gabi Novak, Arsen Dedić, Ljupka Dimitrovska, Vera Kapetanović or Zdenka Vučković, beginner’s attempts of a football player Ivica Šurjak, miss Yugoslavia Ana Sasso, or some interesting local versions  of the international hits like queer classics Vamos a La Playa, I Will Survive. Among others, there is also the star of the centerfold in Start magazine, Moni Kovačić, a well-known disco-funk band KIM, female part of Mirzino jato named Rock Hotel, the former teen star Dubravka Jusić, as well as even today popular name among disco collectors, Arian from Macedonia.

Debate program will be supported in the media by the show Trezor on the Radio Television of Serbia, which will broadcast the entire interview as a special theme.

The event is organized in co-production of the Museum of Yugoslavia (the program Talks on Yugoslavia) and the Cultural Center Grad.

Listen to the compilation of the YouTube channel of Fox & His Friends:

  • Day: 08.11-08.11.2018
  • Time: 19:00

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