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Musical-drawing performance on the occasion of the comic book presentation by Aleksandar Zograf at the Museum of Yugoslavia

A special promotion of the comic book Stories from the Second War by the famous author Saša Rakezić alias Aleksandar Zograf will take place at the Museum of Yugoslavia on April 16 at 7 p.m. The event is designed in the form of a stage performance, where the audience will have a rare opportunity to watch the artist’s drawing performance alive, performed in synergy with a music band Malebolgde from Italy, which comprises of Federico Galvani (accordion), Luka Zuliani (cello) and Alan Liberale (drums).

The book Stories from the Second War is a collection of thirty comics by Aleksandar Zograf, which shed light on the events during the Second World War in Yugoslavia from specific perspectives, and it has been published in cooperation of the Museum of Yugoslavia and the Popbooks publishing house. The Second World War is one of the central themes in Zograf’s drawing opus, and it is primarily seen, as the author often emphasizes, through the lives and experiences of individuals that “formal historiography has not noticed”. In addition to the comics, the book also contains two texts specifically written for this publication. In the introductory text, Zograf explains his motives and authorial position, while in the text “Little Family History” he reconstructs important events from the life of his family members during the war years, emphasizing that as a personal motive that encourages him to persistently revisit the mentioned issues.  

During the promotion of the book, also published in German (Bahoe Books, Vienna) and Italian (001 Edizioni, Turin), Zograf will create drawings in front of the audience that are directly related to the new publication. The drawing process will be broadcast on a large screen and accompanied by a specially designed musical program by the Italian performers. In the pauses between songs, Zograf will talk about individual comics and the whole publication. 

The co-production of the collection of comics Stories from the Second War completes the cooperation that began in April 2021, when Zograf’s comics dedicated to the April 6 bombing of Belgrade in 1941 were exhibited as part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Yugoslavia. The exhibition complex, realized in cooperation with the curator of the Museum Simona Ognjanović, could be visited from April to December 2021, and was organized to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The event is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade.

Saša Rakezić alias Aleksandar Zograf has been publishing comics since the mid-1980s. He started in the so-called “youth press” and since the early 1990s he has been pursuing an international career, primarily through collaboration with the American publishing house Fantagraphics Books. He has published collections of comics in Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Japan and other countries. Since 2003, Zograf has been publishing regularly in the magazine Vreme. His collaboration with the Italian weekly Internazionale is also significant.

Federico Galvani is a musician who is engaged in restoring the tradition of folk music from the area of ​​Northeast Italy, which is associated with the heritage of the Slovenian minority in the valleys of the Natisone. With the band Arbe Garbe, he twice won the Deganutti Award for Best Record in Friulian and toured Europe, Australia and South America. Over the years, he has collaborated with artists from the world of music, comics, poetry and theatre, such as Alexander Zograf, Eugene Chadbourne, Davide Toffolo, Mariangela Gualtieri, etc.                      

Luca Zuliani graduated in double bass at the Tartini Conservatory in Udine and was a member of the Italian Youth Orchestra. From 2007 to 2020 he was the director of the Music Chapel of the Cathedral of Cividale del Friuli, and from 2013 he was the music director of the plectrum orchestra “Tita Marzuttini” from Udine. He has been playing the cello since 2019, and has recorded music for Rai, Orf, Real Sound and Taukay.

Alan Liberale has been a professional drummer since 2008. He made an entrance to Italian pop music while accompanying Marco Forieri, a former member of the Italian group Pitura Fresco. He has performed throughout Italy, on Italian radio and television stations, as well as internationally. He is also active as a drum and percussion teacher at the Cividale del Friuli in Venice.


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  • Day: 16.04-16.04.2022
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