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Summer in the Museum: Day of Youth

The Museum of Yugoslavia invites you to a performance of the band TRESE.LUPA.UDARA. and thus officially begin the exciting program for this summer within the project SUMMER IN THE MUSEUM. The program will be held on May 25 in front of the Museum of Yugoslavia, starting at 8 PM. The entrance is free.

TRESE.LUPA.UDARA. is an ad-hoc setup consisted of Koja (Disciplin A Kitschme, solo guitar, vocal), Švaba (Električni orgazam, bass and backing vocals), and Vul (Disciplin A Kitschme, drums and backing vocals). TRESE.LUPA.UDARA’s repertoire is based on music from the film The Fall of Rock and Roll, composed by Dušan Kojić Koja, but it also includes similar rock standards, as well as some glam rock anthems. Especially for this occasion, TRESE.LUPA.UDARA. will include in their repertoire covers of famousYugoslav rock bands, such as Time, Pop mašina, Buldožer ,Yu grupa…

Dušan Kojić Koja is one of the main figures of local alternative music scene in the past few decades, who has left a permanent mark in the history of Yugoslav and Serbian music. His biggest contribution is the creation and work of the cult band Disciplin A Kitschme, and his most recent project TRESE.LUPA.UDARA. continues to offer a fresh interpretation of the legacy of the second half of the 20th century. The roots of Koja’s new project can already be discerned from the name of the band TRESE.LUPA.UDARA. derived from the name of the song performed by the main character, Branko Đurić Đura, in the film The Fall of Rock and Roll. The music for this song was composed by Dušan Kojić Koja; Goran Gajić wrote the lyrics.

The Museum of Yugoslavia, in partnership with the municipality of Savski Venac, has launched the project Summer in the Museum with the idea to promote the Museum as a place for entertainment and socialization. The main objective of the project is to give life to the area in front of the Museum and enrich the summer program of Belgrade.

  • Day: 25.05-25.05.2019
  • Time: 20:00

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